Congratulations you found the export to Juicebar function in Wire. Now you are probably wondering what this means? Let us explain:

Maybe you are already familiar with Juicebar maybe you’re not, that’s no problem. Juicebar is the marketplace for Resolume we sell plugins, composition, applications and you guessed it Wire patches. We give you a platform where you can easily share your creative work and generate revenue from it.


Publishing a Wire patch to Juicebar is easy. Just follow these steps:

  • Submit a new wire patch by going to this form.
  • We will screen your patch to make sure it qualifies for Juicebar.
  • If your patch qualifies it can be added to Juicebar.
  • Your patch is published on Juicebar for the world to see.

Publishing a Wire patch to Juicebar has the added benefit that you are sure that only people that have paid for your work can use it.

We love to see what you have created, come join us it wil be fun!


What are patches?

A Wire patch contains all of your nodes, settings, textures and others assets in an easily sharable format.

Can I publish free patches?

Yes, you can just follow the publishing steps.