Please find below the answers to the most common questions regarding Juicebar. Can’t find your answer? Visit the contact page and drop us an email!


I just bought a plugin, but I can't find it in Resolume!

Please check if you have selected the right version of Resolume in the Juicebar settings. Also, close Resolume, restart Juicebar and then start Resolume. Juicebar writes a few configuration settings to Resolume and can only do that when Resolume is closed.

Where can I find my freshly installed plugin in Resolume?

There are two different locations where you can find them: Sources will be added to the “Sources” tab, where Effects can be find in the “Effects” tab.

Where can I find my freshly installed plugin on my computer?

We store them in a special directory, far hidden in your machine. This prevents you from accidentally deleting your plugins. Just relax, leave things as they are and we make sure everything works perfectly. Uninstalling can be done easily by going to the installed tab in Juicebar, where you can uninstall individual plugins. Logging out from Juicebar will remove all plugins in one click.

I have a problem with one of my plugins. Where can I contact the creator?

Please contact us at contact@get-juicebar.com, we can forward your comments, love, suggestions or problems to the developers..


What is a plugin?

A plugin is a small piece of software that can be loaded by Resolume to add to your render pipeline. Plugins consist of FFGL binaries that generate or modify images on your graphics card. That’s why they are light weighted. This gives you the advantage of creating stunning effect without the need of. rendering.

What is the difference between an effect, source and mixer?

An effect always needs an other source, like a clip, still or generator. Effects modify the incoming image. Sources are sources itself that require no input, and generate visual effect them self. Mixer blend two layers together.

Which VJ software is supported?

For now, we support Resolume Avenue and Resolume Arena.

Do you support Resolume 6 and 7?

Some plugins support both Resolume 6 and 7, but since there was a mayor overhaul under the hood between these two versions, some plugins only support Resolume 7. You can switch between your preferred version in your settings. You won’t be able to install plugins that are not supported for your selected application.

What about GrandVJ, Module8, VDMX and CoGe VJ?

GrandVJ and Module8 don’t support plugins at the moment, where VDMX do. You can try to use the Resolume 6 plugins in VDMX, but we don’t advice to do so, and you can not get any support from us on that for now.

Is installing plugins secure?

Each and every plugin is checked by us, and is secure. We check and screen every developer and make sure no one messes around on your machine.

Can i just copy a plugin to another computer?

Unfortunately no, you can’t. The plugins are secured by a license check and thus need Juicebar with a valid account to work properly

On how many computers can I use my plugins?

You can be logged in on two machines at the same time. This gives you the ability to have the plugins on both your design and operate machine at the same time.

Resolume won't start up anymore what can I do?

If you think that it’s a plugin that is preventing Resolume from starting? Just open Juicebar and uninstall that plugin. Signing out will uninstall all plugins. Still having issues after signing out from Juicebar? Then it’s something else that’s causing the problem. Please check the Resolume Forum.

How do I remove all plugins?

Signing out from your account in Resolume will remove all installed plugins.

Is there a chance of parameter change when there is an update of a certain plugin?

Yes! That is absolutely possible. Always check you composition after an update, to see if the output is still what you desire. We do try to keep the changes to a minimum where we can, but it’s not always possible.

I have my own plugin. Can I put it in your store?

Yes you can. Please contact us, send us a demo and we’ll schedule a call to get to know each other better.

I need something specific, can you help me with that?

Sure we can. Drop us an email and we’ll make it happen.


Why do I need to sign up?

Signing in gives you access to everything you have ever purchased in the past, without the need of paying again. You can sign in and out as many times you like, with the limitation of 2 machines at a time.

Can I move my purchases from one computer to another?

No you can’t and yes you can. You can’t just copy your plugins over, but yes, you can login on the other machine and install the plugins there as well.

Can i get a refund?

Well, you can contact us with your reason why you think you need a refund, then we can have a look at your case. But in general we don’t refund.

Can I backup my purchases?

You don’t need to, we do that for you.


What are the supported payment methods?

At this moment we support all major credit cards and cryptocurrencies. Let us know when you want another payment method!

Credit Card

How are credit card payments handled?

Stripe handles credit card payments for us. Stripe is the industry leading payment provider trusted by brands as: amazon, ticketswap and many others. Stripe allows us to implement payments in a solid and safe way. We will never see your entered credit card details only Stripe does.

I see a weird looking screen when doing a payment!

When a payment is made or when saving your details an extra step is sometimes needed to verify your identity. Depending on the brand of your credit card you will be redirected to a page to do this. Most of the time you will need to enter a code that is sent to your mobile phone.


How are crypto payments handled?

Coinbase handles the crypto payments for us. Coinbase allows us to implement payments in a solid and safe way, with limited overhead.

How do I buy a plugin with crypto payments?

When you buy a plugin on Juicebar you will be asked to select your payment method. You can choose your favorite cryptocurrency if available. Not all plugins support crypto payments though. Let us know when your favorite cryptocurrency is not listed.

How does a crypto payment work?

If you choose a cryptocurrency as payment method you need to send us the correct amount of that currency to our wallet. The amount and wallet address are displayed when you select a cryptocurrency inside Juicebar. The wallet address will change with every order so make sure you enter the correct one.

Crypto payments need some processing time. In this time your purchase is listed as pending and will be displayed inside the purchases tab. When your payment is fully processed the plugin will be ready to be installed. Send us an email if you have difficulties with your crypto purchase.

Help I have sent the wrong amount!

Please send us an email and we will help you further.

Why do you support crypto payments?

We think that payments by cryptocurrencies will overcome the heritage of old payment systems, where a physical border or government, can mean a huge difference in price or payment costs. Thereby it fits Juicebar innovative character. The fact that Juicebar sells digital goods completes that feeling.


Most crypto currencies are at their highest point ever at this moment of writing, and since they are not regulated by any authority or market, their value can fluctuate and devaluate rapidly. This means that leaving your money in crypto currencies is highly speculative and something we don’t recommend.